Computerize your paper matrix sheet

…and see the big picture

The basic package

This is your opportunity to lose your old paper reservation book – including the correction fluid! The basic package replaces all aspects of the reservation book, while offering numerous options for optimization and automation. 

It’s never been easier to create and keep track of reservations. And you don’t have to worry any longer about information getting lost or being illegible. Reservations can be made as far into the future as you wish, and can be altered easily. Different colors for different types of reservations and a simple user interface let your front desk see what’s going on at a glance.

Through automation, the system lets you make repeated league reservations in seconds and optimizes your lanes utilization like no front desk employee can. With the Easybowl algorithm, reservations are moved around and re-placed automatically. This lets you fit in as many reservations as possible on any given day, maximizing efficiency and profit.


Modules in the basic package

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Placement Group Manager >>
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…it couldn’t be easier

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