"...your reservation system is simply incredible"

I think your reservation system is simply incredible. It has improved our sales office and in turn, we have been able to improve our customer service standards.

Your system allowed us to eliminate many opportunities for errors that existed with our previous system. It is easy to learn, can be shared by multiple parties, tracks valuable information and statistics, and has allowed us to restructure and simplify the time involved with reserving events in our center. We have actually decreased our sales force!

I can honestly say that I have never received the amount of attention, instruction, follow-up and great customer care that I have received from you.

Brenna Bailey
Plano Super Bowl - Plano, Texas


"...to start using Easybowl was one of the smartest decisions ever made"

Convincing the bowling center to start using Easybowl was one of the smartest decisions that was ever made. It not only eased the reservation process 10x, but the customer service that Easybowl provided was one of the best I've ever had.

Easybowl is a very easy program to use and even those without much computer knowledge were able to make and view reservations. It helped the center avoid double bookings and kept everyone current on all events happening in the center, not to mention, by having it in the computer, we no longer had to try and decipher someones handwriting!

Easybowl is a great tool for any bowling center!

Fran Wood
Community Bowling Centers, Michigan


“…my staff loves the software…”

We are 100% running with the Easybowl reservation system at both Golden Mile Bowling Centre and First Tee Indoor Golf Centre and love it. No complaints with the system at all!

By the way, my staff loves the software too.

Phil Robinson
First Tee Indoor Golf Centre &
Golden Mile Bowling Centre, Canada


”The Easybowl program is working excellently for us…”

Since purchasing the Easybowl Reservation Organizer, we have been finding endless advantages to using it. Easybowl does literally everything we want in a reservation program.

…we spend a lot less time manually re-organizing lane assignments on paper, and a lot more time making sure our center looks good and our customers are happy. Our staff loves to watch Easybowl try to fit a new reservation in on a busy night!! 

…the product is very strong and has helped us use our lanes better.

Todd Britton and Nathan Hogg
Academy Uptown Lanes, Canada


“We couldn’t have done it without Easybowl …”

“For two consecutive years we’ve succeeded in creating the largest Net Profit among entertainment centers and restaurants – all through Sweden. This would not have been possible without the Easybowl software. It’s quite simply brilliant …”

CEO Kjell Grubin
Big Bowl, Scandinavia

(Europe’s No.1 in annual turnover and profits)


“The system has been extremely helpful”

We have seen a lot of our experienced employees leave, so it is very useful for the new staff to be able to visualize what is happening. It is also nice being able to block off lanes many months in advance. Maintaining records of our frequent visitors and their list of reservations, such as school groups, is much easier as well.

Leagues are a lot easier to coordinate with the multi-reservation rule. The system helped me eliminate a lot of overlapping that has existed and been ignored for years. I couldn't believe we had that problem for so long.

Darren Watson
Hunter’s Bowling - Eastview Bowl - Canada


”…it has made our life here a lot easier”

We like it very much and it has made our life here a lot easier!

Pat Costello
Boardwalk Entertainment Center - Orlando, Florida


”Easybowl has been a life saver” 

I am very happy with the program and I see it getting better with each update.

David Staub
Stoneleigh Lanes – Baltimore, Maryland


“…there were no doubts in my mind - this is the future!”

When I saw the advantages in the Easybowl System, there were no doubts in my mind. This is the future! That’s why I have decided to acquire this software as the first center in US.

…today all our reservations are done by pen & paper – and only one person is qualified to make reservations for groups. In the future all my staff will be able to make bookings because of the easy and precise general view of our busy days and the fantastic Lane Optimizer is going to earn me lots of dollars – each week …

 President Tom Roballey
Leisure Time Bowl - Manhattan, New York.