E-mail and text message your customers

…the easy way to reach your customers

Your database is a gold mine for your business
All the customer data you collect is a gold mine for your business - and Easybowl helps you utilize it. The Easybowl system automatically saves all customer data and customer history providing a valuable foundation for marketing purposes.

With the Marketing module, you can extract customer data from your database using many different criteria and mail, e-mail or even text message these customers to increase repeat business. Your direct mail possibilities are huge while using e-mails for your marketing will cost you next to nothing and text messaging will allow you to reach your customers directly on their mobile phones. 

Send promotions, last minute offers and special discounts and focus on utilizing spare capacity and filling up the slow days. A new, easy-to-use, low cost, marketing channel that is extremely effective.

…the easy way to save marketing money

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