Your computerized reservation book

…never again will you have to use an eraser

Knowing your exact utilization brings in money
At the core of the software suite is the Bowling Reservation Module that assists your sales and front desk staff in making reservations and assigning lanes. It replaces your paper reservation book in a way that you never thought possible.

The system makes it fast and easy to create and check-in reservations as well as changing reservations. Whether you need to move the reservation to a different time slot on the same day or another week or month it is straight forward and you don’t need to struggle with the eraser or correction fluid. Even repeated league reservations can be created in seconds.

All reservation history is saved in the database and you can pull out a great number of reports on the reservations. Knowing e.g. lane utilization is helpful when configuring opening hours, prices etc. and helps you increase revenue.

…the easy way to handle reservations