Marketing Module

Correspondence Module

This is the tool that lets you do targeted marketing for a fraction of the usual costs and in half the time. Now you can keep your customers aware of your business and fill up your center even on slow days.

Your database is a mine of marketing gold. You can search in it for customers that exactly match whatever criteria you specify and a list of these customers will automatically be generated. In no time the ECM system will merge all relevant data to your marketing message and then it's up to you how you want to send it.

With one click of your mouse, all the letters will be sent out as e-mails directly to the selected customers. This provides you with a cost-free marketing channel that allows you to intensify your marketing efforts. And it's just as easy to send out your marketing message as an ordinary letter - one click and all your letters will be printed out ready for mailing.

Now it's even possible to reach your customers on their mobile phones - with text marketing messages via SMS (short message service) to your selected group of customers. Imagine the impact of a last-minute offer via SMS on a slow day.

…the easy way to maximize profit



Note: For sending mobile text messages, a GSM modem is required (modem not provided by Easybowl).