Event Center Manager™

...takes your business one step further

Maximize your profits

Easybowl’s Event Center Manager™ has been specially created for maximizing the profit of bowling and event centers. Developed in close cooperation with some of the world’s most successful event center proprietors, the ECM software provides a complete center management system.

It makes sense that Europe’s most profitable
proprietors use ECM!


Customized, modular solutions for maximum flexibility

The modular setup of our software allows you to choose freely from among many options and tailor a solution that precisely fits the requirements of your business. The key benefit is flexibility. Today you can subscribe to the combination of modalities you need. Tomorrow you can upgrade with additional functionalities. 

ECM offers you a wealth of functionalities

• Reservation handling - Bowling, Pool, Karaoke Rooms, Party Rooms, Golf Simulators, Shooting Ranges, Spa, Restaurant and many other events
• Resource management - automatically optimizes utilization
• Online reservation - lets you offer events and add-on articles online
• Data capture - customer database, reservation/customer history, transaction log
• Marketing tools - customer segmentation, direct mail, e-mail, mobile messaging
• Reporting facilities - utilization, financial, business trends, revision, product sales
• Lane control integration
• Network solution - incorporate all departments
• Full PoS (point of sales) functionality - including prepayment handling
• Debtor and invoice handling
• Call center sales

ECM is second to none! 

Designed to optimize operations and profits

Designed to eliminate human error, our management system automatizes and optimizes operations, resource consumption and customer handling. And it makes the buying process simple, fast and straightforward for your customers.

 From front desk solutions to large entertainment centers with numerous computers and PoS terminals integrated into one network - ECM caters to all your needs.